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One to One Vocal Work;

"I feel so wonderful and inspired after my voice/singing session with Helen today. I am so happy to finally be able to open these channels of expression. I have always been really shy and self-conscious with my voice but the desire to sing and create sound and music is growing so much in me that it couldn't be ignored any longer! Helen made me feel really comfortable and safe to express myself and explore my voice. We spent some time singing to nature outdoors and it felt so empowering and at the same time so natural. Such a beautiful moment of connection, openness, vulnerability and creativity. I could do this every day <3 "  Helene Akashi 2019


1hr      - £15

1hr30  - £20

2hrs    - £25

One day Retreat - Nature, Voice, Movement, Connecting to Fire, Water, Earth, Wind & Either

£35-£60 sliding scale 

Contact me to arrange the length of the session you would like. 

I will take you to a magical nature spot that I know and love, we will venture out to a nature location to drop in to weaving magic with the elements.  This is a special time for you to journey into exploring your voice - relaxing into your natural self - connecting with nature. 

We can work with the energies of the river, the fire, earth or wind out in nature. The elements offer us so much inspiration, reason to sing, opening, space holding for us to open wider and allow our voice to flow through in new and ancient ways. We have the possibility of drum, shruti box, rattle, guitar to guide and support, or simply the sounds of nature, or silence. Each journey is different and depends on the mood that day. 

I am not a singing teacher. I am a space holder, and vocal adventurer. I too am very much on my path of voice opening, my voice keeps revealing new depths and heights. 

I am moved by the most honest, authentic voice. The ancient tribal sounds, pure as is, not trying to be anything other than it is.

To enquire or book a session contact Helen; 

email; info@whisperingtemple.com

Phone; 07866 226797