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Unfurl  ~

Yin Yoga, Movement, Vocal Yoga & Beltane Prayer Fire

A Womens Retreat ~ Residential
Friday 28th April - Sunday 30th April 2017
Moor Mill Cottage, Somerset
£170 (Limited to 8 spaces)


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Cami Rose &

Helen Knight

Yin Yoga

Vocal Yoga, Song

Unfurl into a weekend of Yin Yoga, Sound, Movement & Nature Connection. A women's gathering in celebration of our bodies wisdom as we surrender into our true nature. Through embodied exploration and vocal toning we shall awaken our cells and call in the medicine of Beltane!
Beltane (May 1st - the first day of summer) empowers us to connect with the energy of renewal, fertility, beauty and sensuality. Time to light our inner fire, awaken our creativity and celebrate being alive on this blessed planet!!
Bask in the beauty and nourishment of gathering as women. Together we shall create a Beltane Ceremonial Prayer Circle (round the fire if the weather permits) to share songs, poetry, sound, silence & prayer. There is power in being witnessed as we open a window into our soul and share our creative offerings, to spirit, to the land, for our lives. 
Unfurl into Summer as we walk the hills, dance with the Great Oaks, rest in silence, explore our voices, move as we feel and drink in the nourishment of simply BEING. 
Yin Yoga
Cami’s classes are inspired by the wisdom of the seasons and invite you to surrender into the depths of sensation through your embodied awareness. Cami creates a safe and sacred container to explore our sensorial and sensual nature, offering tools to attune to the subtleties and finite expressions of being human.
Yin Yoga is a powerful practice that is very slow and meditative. Sinking into stillness and holding the poses for a longer period of time allows us to drop deeper into the connective tissues of the body - fascia, bone and ligaments. Increasing circulation and bringing balance to the body, Yin Yoga cultivates sensory awareness and embodied presence.
Chakra toning & vocal yoga
Self healing sounding, a journey through the chakras. Toning helps to gently dissolve blocks in our voices and vibrates each chakra to awaken, bringing life force and healing. A beautiful group meditation.  Vocal Yoga is to dance with the voice ~ to explore, begining softly and opening out, stretching the channels of our vocal expression.
About Cami;
Born in Vancouver, Canada, Cami now lives in the rolling Devonshire hills on the Dartington Estate. She offers embodied nature connection & sensory awareness workshops in the UK and Canada. Beginning her movement journey at the age of ten, Cami’s offerings are sourced from the depth of her own direct experience. She has been teaching embodiment classes and yoga for over ten years and is certified in Hatha, Yin & Prenatal Yoga. Her somatic studies also include Continuum Movement, the Re-enchantment of Movement and Somatic & Perceptual Enquiry with Penny Allport. Her inspiration flows from listening deeply to the land and giving voice to the more than human world. She is also the co-founder of The Meadow – A wild pollinator & Honeybee Sanctuary on the Dartington Estate. 
* A deepening into Yin Yoga
* Chakra Toning & Vocal Yoga
*Movement & Dance
* Beltane Ceremonial Prayer Circle Fire
* Sisterhood
* Walks in nature
* A small group with plenty of one-to-one time
* Nourishing, plentiful Organic Food
* A gorgeous Countryside esacpe
* Underfoor heated yoga space
* A relaxed retreat with plenty of time to rest & Be
* Yoga suitable for all levels

A rough layout of the weekend;


3-5pm             Arrive (if you can arrive early there are some beautiful local walks, or enjoy the gardens)

5.30pm           Dinner

7- 9.30pm       Sharing 

                       Yin Yoga ~ Song & Sound Scape From Helen


8.30-10           Yin Yoga - Movement - Dance

10 - 11.30       Breakfast

11.30 - 2         Embodied Nature Movement & Sound

2-4pm             Lunch & Free time

2-6pm             Yin Yoga & Chakra Toning

6-7.30pm        Dinner

7.30pm -         Beltane Ceremonial Prayer Fire : )



8.45 - 10          Yin Yoga

10 - 11.30        Breakfast

11.30 - 12.20   Yin Yoga - Movement & Sounding 

12.20               Tea break

12.30-2            Sharing & Close

2 - 3                 Lunch     

3 - 4                 Pack up & clean

4.00                 Leave

Price; £170

* £50 Deposit paid on booking, or full amount if you choose.  Remaining £120 paid either before arrival or in cash on arrival.

Price Includes;

* All workshops

* Delicious, concious, organic, vegetarian and vegan food! All gluten free & sugar free.

* Accomodation ~ Depending which room you choice there will be a small extra payment of;

£15 for a room on your own (for the whole weekend)

£10 for a shared room of 3 people (for the whole weekend)

Camping is of no extra cost - Please bring your own tent and sleeping gear


Moor Mill Cottage (click here) ~

* A beautiful countryside retreat space

* Hot showers

* Nature walks

* Under floor heated yoga space

* Comfortable beds


* Please lift share where possible, we shall put you in touch with one another.

* Taunton Train station is aprox 30 mins away. Please book your train home with plenty of time after the closing at 4pm.  (book train for no earlier than 4.45pm on sunday)

* Mega bus and train are very cheap or trainline if you book well in advance.

What to bring

- Bed linen (we will let you know which size on booking in)

- Yoga Mat

- Towel

- Notebook

- Walking gear (& incase of rain)

- Something for the Alter

- A poem or song you wish to share

- Begin to tune in with your prayers

- A shaker, drum, instrument if you have

- Comfortable yoga clothes

- A Special shawl or something to wear by the fire

- If you are able to bring a sheep skin, blanket & back rest please do, I have a few spare

- Yourself just as you are ; )

A Weekend of Yin Yoga, Movement & Vocal Yoga
Unfurl ~ Yin Yoga ~ 28th - 30th April
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Unfurl Retreat;               

'Today is your day to dance lightly with life, sing wild songs of adventure,
invite rainbows and butterflies out to play, soar your spirit, and unfurl your joy.'
- Jonathan Lockwood Huie