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Awakening Spirit

~ A Whispering Temple Women's Retreat ~

Voice, Song, Movement & Dance


with Helen Knight

6pm Thursday 10th - 3pm Sunday13th Oct 2019

Eden Rise, Totnes, Devon


£215 - £370 Sliding Scale 

Further concessions available - please enquire 


We open this space as our Temple, to be able to dive in as deep as we are called.  A time to spark inspiration and creativity, painting the visions of our lives as we dream it into being, manifesting it as we speak it, dance it, sing it, move it. 

We gather, as women have been doing for thousands of years around the world and in many cultures. A haven space for us to weave our treads in the tapestry of life, our longings, our prayers, our wisdom, passions and offerings. To touch on that sense of village, of tribe.


Connecting with the elements; Fire, Water, Earth, Air & Either are enlivening ways to open our creative channels, to hear the river of songs, in this time of nature reconnection. We will visit stunningly beautiful & wild nature spots in Devon to be with our fire, rivers, land.  


Movement Practices


Deep Dive Dance Ritual 

Nature Reconnection

Voices of the Wild


Vocal Yoga


Vocal Improvisation




Wisdom Harvest


“Spirit of Joy & Beauty Celebration Ceremony”



Deep Dive Dance Ritual

Once we enter, words will be left behind, allowing the spirit of music to move and guide us into deep inner states. 

Ritual creates a held and focused space, harnessing the group energy field, the power of the circle to enrich the journey.  What depths and heights can we reach? How much can we step aside to allow the spirit of music to take us, to trust what comes.

Body healing, spirit awakening, Dance Ritual as a healing tool in these times.  A sacred space where we can, weave our magic, access guidance for our lives, wisdom, healing, remembering, freedom, love, energy.  To engage in the internal navigation systems within us.  Our intuition. A space to, unravel, release holding, strengthen, call in, allow.



Through practices and ritual we journey to relax into our natural voice, let go of mind, self judging thoughts, and allow something truer to emerge. A reconnection.  A letting go of what we think sounds nice, but dropping into what FEELS good.  Improvisation takes us to new and ancient places together, of a sweet remembering, a naturalness.


Whispering Temple 

When we enter these deep states though dance & voice, we can access what I call the Whispering Temple; the voice of nature, of the natural world, of our bodies, our being, the voice of wisdom, of guidance, that knows the way home. 

What else guides us when we know how to listen is our pain, our longings.

"In many shamanic societies, if you came to a medicine person complaining of being disheartened, dispirited, or depressed, they would ask one of four questions. When did you stop dancing? When did you stop singing? When did you stop being enchanted by stories? When did you stop finding comfort in the sweet territory of silence?" ~ Gabrielle Roth


Whispering Temple was created by Helen in 2016 when she held her first retreat, following a strong calling and inspiration for Women's Work. As well as her solo songs Helen also sings in a harmony rich Trio 'Three Feathers' with Susie Ro & Ayla Schafer.


In 2012 Helen trained in Kundalini Yoga with Amrit Nam Sarovar


“this was a very powerful time of transformation for me.  I really fell in love with this practice and had a wonderful teacher.  Many of the vocal and breath practices I work with come from this training."  Helen Knight

2005-2012 Helen trained in Capoeira De Angola, taking her to Brazil to train in Rio, Salvador & Belo Horizonte. This gifted a deep revelation and experience of the power of the 'Roda' (circle); movement and song in circle, witnessing magic.“Capoeira de Angola not only helped shape the way I move but the way I could feel strength of spirit ”


Helen Knight

In 2008 Helen trained with the Bristol School of Massage and Body Work and was a practitioner for 10 years. In 2018 a Grief Tending Training with Azul-Valérie Thomé

"It feels so important to hold a honoured space for our grief when working with voice and movement. To welcome this release, to allow the flow of the waters within us."

To acknowledge other amazing inspirers & teachers; Zola Dubnikova & her Return to the Temple women’s work.  Susannah & Yacov Darling-Khan for the Phoenix Retreat and 24hour Earth Dance I participated in which re-awoke my calling for movement ritual & ceremony.

Booking Information



£215 - £370 Sliding Scale

Further concessions available


This is an intimate retreat of around 12 participants

therefore if you are interested please do be in touch asap

(Enquire for further concessions. I aim to make this as accessible as possible)

 One non residential space is available)



To book your place please send a deposit of £50 

by Paypal;

(please select 'paying a friend')


Bank transfer; Ms H Knight, 16-58-10, 21023069

Ref; OctRetreat_YourName


* Let me know once you have sent it

* Payment plans are an option

* Please note; deposits are non refundable unless your space is filled




Delicious, simple, local organic, vegetarian & vegan food made with love. It will all be gluten free, except for the bread.


Eden Rise ~ a beautiful countryside retreat space;

Totnes TQ9 7LJ


* Hot showers

* Sauna

* Nature walks

* Comfortable beds

* Single, Twin rooms & rooms of 4 available


5-6pm - Thursday 10th Oct

Please be ready for 1st session at 7pm



Leave from 3pm - Sunday 13th October

"A beautiful weekend of sisterhood, strength, creativity & Vulnerability. I will carry this forth" Participant

zola sea copy.jpg

"we are guided by the aches in our wombs and the yearning in our chests, my prayer is to return to the temple.. to our own being, may we fully live"

"Together we rise in this dance of life - the world is needing our awakened love"

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