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"What a stunning co creation, sounds amazing!" Nalini Blossom (Singer/Songwriter, Sound healer)

Breathe, Sing, Release

Friday 30th September - Sunday 2nd October 2016
A Residential Retreat in Somerset


Helen Knight

Kalindi Jordan

Kundalini Yoga, Authentic Sounding,

Rebirthing, Devotional Singing

Devotional Singing, Yoga, Singer, Song Writer

Elise Yuill

"This will be amazing! So so good for us and held by two practitioners I can highly recommend" Nina Powel

Welcome! We Invite you to be a part of the launch of Whispering Temple Women's Retreat, created in aligenment with the Wild Feminine Rising Sisterhood which is gloriously and fully upon Mama Earth right in in these times!
We will dive deep into the voice using opening, releasing practices for full vocal exploration and expression.  The voice is the sound of our soul, may we release it, uninhibited, full and deep, may it dance and weave in freedom.
Having experienced what it is to have a trapped voice, and been blessed to begin the journey of setting my voice free, it is my calling to share this journey with my sisters.
You are invited to join us in a gorgeous weekend of;
* Time to go deep within, reconnect and align
* Devotional Singing 
* Rebirthing
* Ceremony ~ Prayer, Song, Dance
* Kundalini Yoga & Restorative Yoga
* Chakra Toning
* Birthing Sound, Releasing blocks in our vocal channels
* Time in Nature
* Being in a Circle of Women
* Sharing Circle
* Shared cooking and Delicious Organic Food
* the intimate & magic sharing our voices
Rebirthing is a very powerful, natural way to heal and release past trauma, stress, fear and dis-ease in the body and often what we carry is ancient and not so easy to access. Through a simple, repetitive breath prana and oxygen course though the body clearing the pathways and blockages and activates our bodies natural healing. This is a very precious healing to share together.
Kundalini Yoga. In these morning sessions you will go on an internal journey through sensual, slow movement & gentle stretching, dynamic exercises, pranayama ~ powerful transformational breath work, cleansing breath, meditative breathing. All you need do is be open to being lead on a journey and be guided within. Suited to all levels of yoga as you choose your own pace and flow.
Devotional Singing with Kalindi Jordan & Elise Yuill of Ananda Murtaye. A gorgeous night of Bhajan’s, Mantra, Sacred song, offerings, prayer, movement.  A chance for us sisters to weave our magic, our voices and enter into sacred, intimate space.

An Example of how the weekend will Flow;


4pm-5pm        Arrive

6.30pm           Dinner

7.15pm           Welcome Circle

7.45-10pm      Yoga/Movement/Devotional Singing


8.15-10.15am  Kundalini Yoga with Helen

10.15-11          Breakfast

11.30 - 12.30   Authentic Sounding

12.30-1.30       Free Time/make lunch

1.30pm - 3pm  Lunch / Free Time

3-5pm              Rebirthing with Kalindi

5-6.30pm         Free Time / Make dinner

6.30pm            Dinner

7.30pm -          Devotional Singing with Kalindi, Elise & Helen



8.30-10am       Yoga with Elise

10.30               Breakfast

11.30 - 1          Final Session

1.30                 Lunch

2.30                 Sharing the Seeds / Closing circle

4.30pm            Leaving time

Price ~ Includes all workshops and delicious, concious, organic vegetarian and vegan food, with wild food where possible.

* £125 (paying in installments is an option)  (Plus room price see below)

* For each Retreat that you join £5 will be taken off your price until you reach £30 off the set price.

Venue ~ A Residential Retreat

We shall be staying in a beautiful cosy country home with a woodburner, an aga, a gorgeously converted barn space for our sessions, hot showers and gorgeous bedrooms.

Bedding is provided, you will need to bring your own towel.

Rooms ~ Prices are for the 2 nights

* Camping is free in the stunning gardens

* Single room on your own ~ £20

* Shared room ~ £15

* A double bed in a cute & comfy caravan in the garden £15

* If you are coming with a good friend and are happy to share a double bed the price will then be shared between you.

Deposits are non refundable unless the retreat is cancelled or the is an exceptional circumstance.

Your remaining amount can also be transfer to me before the retreat or paid in cash on arrival.

Please let me know once you have sent your deposit and which room you would like. And you shall receive a confirmation email of receipt with full information about the retreat.

And with great excitement I shall you there! Blessing and much gratitude and thanks for the sharing of this journey with you.. Helen xx

Kalindi Jordan ~

Elise Yuill ~

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