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"You are becoming the song of your heart, how beautiful it is as the flower blossoms forth..." Snatam Kaur

Past Retreat;

"Huntress of the Soul" ~ (Fully Booked!)

A singing retreat

Friday 13th Jan - Sunday 15th Jan 2017
Eden Rise, Devon


Ayla Schafer &

Helen Knight

Lara White

Singer Songwriter, Ceremonial Musician, Voice Coach

Kundalini Yoga, Song

Shri Kali Yoga (A Yin Yoga)












Photograph by Amy Clark at 'Huntress of the Soul'


"Magic journey through sacred traditions, lineages and the depths of my own soul... So blessed to witness soft and fierce women coming together to learn ways to be with their song, the land and each other, Aho!" Milda

"Helen & Ayla created a beauty - full space for sisterhood, sharing songs from many tribes, allowing our voices to join & rise high. Liberating. Very important work, thank you."

"What a beautifully held, deep healing space. It was a true blessing to be part of this gathering of sisters and I am deeply grateful. So wonderful to connect to the land through song"

"Everything worked! Wonderful, plentiful, wholesome, delicious food. Beautiful; sacred; safe space to connect with women and Pachamama. Delicious soul-enhancing sound & songs. Truly an honour to receive them and sing them with others. Weekend was perfect. An idillic escape - just what my spirit needed. Thank you & blessingings" Amy H

"Huntress of the Soul was really run well. I was able to recoonect with my voice while being held in the  essence of the sacred woman. Aho" Pelly

"Women are inherently amazing and any beautifully & sensitively held space that gives rise to this beauty is a wonderful thing ~ this retreat did just that" Participant

"A beautiful weekend of sisterhood, strength, creativity & Vulnerability. I will carry this forth"

"The weekend was incredibly liberating & nurturing. The space that Ayla & Helen created to enable & empower the Sisterhood was so nurturing" Donna

"Helen & Ayla held us and the space with such grace, skill & wisdom. As a result we women all relaxed and supported one another as we also explored our own unique expression. The balance of giving and receiving was inspiring. A perfect weekend."


"Let your Soul take its flight, so Sing Sing Sing" Snatam Kaur

Retreat Content;
We are delighted, deeply honoured and very excited to be offering this gorgeous retreat! Ayla and I will be diving deep into ceremonial song, teaching you some very special songs from around the world, opening our voices and hearts and soaring high into shared devotional singing.
"We will journey to the centre of the heart to awaken the song of the soul. With our voices we fire the arrows of our prayers, hunting the passion of our souls purpose. As a huntress of our soul we remember the voice of our deepest yearning." Ayla
"Ayla and I first met in 2013. I began singing with Ayla and over the years our voices and souls have danced and woven, our dreams, our prayers, our hearts deepening together.  The jewels of songs we have gathered and received over the years and the nectar of this connection we wish to share with you"  Helen
Ayla will guide us on a journey of helping us to open our voices and connect with our soul's sound.  Receive this rare gift of learning traditional healing songs, then entering into a deep prayer journey with them. Of course Ayla will be sharing many of her own songs too which draws upon a deep well of love and respect for the Earth and the Spirit of all Life, evoking a deepening of consciousness and connection with the Land and the light of truth and the heart.
Kundalini Yoga
In these morning sessions you will go on an internal journey through sensual, slow movement & gentle stretching, dynamic exercises, pranayama ~ powerful transformational breath work, cleansing breath, meditative breathing. All you need do is be open to being lead on a journey and be guided within. Suited to all levels of yoga as you choose your own pace and flow.
Shri Kali Yoga
PLUS! We have the lovely Lara White teaching the Sunday morning Shri Kali Yoga (Yin Yoga) for us. We are in for a treat!
"The style of yoga I teach is informed by 15 years of personal practice and adapted from the asanas, pranayama and bhandas I learned in India in the Shivaistic Kaula lineage. I have so much respect for this simple, gentle yet extremely powerful style of yoga, which essentially is an embodied meditation."  Lara
* Learn healing songs from around the world
* Cacao Ceremony ~ A night of Divine Songs & Prayer
* Soul Sounding
* Kundalini Yoga
* Restorative Yoga
* Chakra Toning
* Birthing Sound, Releasing blocks in our voices
* Sauna
* Nourishing Organic Food
* Walks in nature

A guide to the weekend;


4.30pm           Arrive (sauna open)

5.30pm           Welcome

6.30pm           Dinner

8pm- 10pm     Song & Sound Journey


8.30-10.15      Kundalini Yoga & Chakra Toning

11 - 12            Breakfast/brunch

1pm - 3pm      Workshop

3pm                Light lunch

3-6pm             Free time/sauna

6pm                Light Dinner

7.30pm -         Cacao Ceremony Night ~ Divine Songs & Prayer



8.45 - 9.45       Shri Kali Yoga (Yin Yoga) with Lara White

10 - 11.00        Breakfast

11.30 - 1.30     Workshop

1.30                 Lunch     

3.00                 Final session

4.30                 Close

Price; £175


* All workshops

* Delicious, concious, organic, vegetarian and vegan food!

* Accomodation

* Sauna


Eden Rise ~ a beautiful countryside retreat space;

* Hot showers

* Sauna

* Nature walks

* Large workshop space

* Comfortable beds

* Twin rooms & rooms of 4 available


There are limited parking spaces, please lift share where possible.

Totnes Train station is aprox 20 mins away. Please book your train home with plenty of time after the closing at 4.30. (eg book train for no earlier than 5pm on sunday)


- Song books

- Cd's (Ayla's new album 'Dive into Water')

- Jewellery

- Sheepskins

What to bring

- Bed linen (single)

- Towels (extra one for sauna)

- Notebook

- Walking gear (incase of rain)

- Something for the Alter

- Any poems or songs you which to share

- A shaker or drum if you have

- Comfortable yoga clothes

- Yourself just as you are ; )

Unci Maka - Ayla
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Two Feathers
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