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Three Feathers Retreat

A 4 day Women's Retreat

Song, Voice, Movement, Dance


Sept 2020

More info coming soon

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Testimonials from this Retreat; 


“The Three Feathers retreat has been such a beautiful, heartfelt expression of feminine connection and sisterhood. These three women have such gifts which interweave and support one another so naturally and lend such fullness and depth to the work they do. Their unique contributions, voices, songs and abilities have formed a space of authenticity, beauty and transformation for everyone present. “  Zazzie Zeff x 


“Loved diving into the fear of expressing myself through song held by Susie, Ayla & Helen. I feel so much closer to my own voice, my songs healing power, I feel like I want my songs to be heard now rather than hiding or mumbling. Music is such a potent healing medicine. Being in a sister circle felt so good, guided by these three goddesses & their light, beauty and voices. I want to keep song close to my heart and express it daily f or the rest of my life, its healing and prayer.” Sara Johansson,  


“Weaving magic with the Three Feathers holding me in this space has been a gift to my own sovereignty. I have cried and danced my way into deep gratitude and connection. This is soul awakening work and the powerful and ancient ways that you all flow with is great medicine. Thank you.” Unknown,  


“This weekend has been immensely healing and the work Three Feathers are doing is so important in this time of feminine force rising. We are slowly coming to balance as a humanity and that feminine power needs us women to connect on heart level to be able to rise strong. Three Feathers retreat inspired me tp share what I’ve learnt to women in my local community. Amazing.  Beautiful.  Healing.  Empowering.  Nourishing. Thank you.” Silka



“Such a beautiful, heart-opening weekend. Really just so magical and so peaceful. The Saturday night was the highlight for me – such a wild and energizing celebration. “  unknown


“This retreat has been a beautiful, heart opening, nurturing experience. I have felt so held and accepted and inspired by every woman. Thank you. P.s exceptional amazing food too!


“So much love, gratitude, respect and appreciation medicine women. You heal hearts. You held the space with great care and skill and tended to the needs and feelings of everyone. Please continue to share and spread these gifts as they make epic waves.” Sarah

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