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Wonderful, well loved, from the Brazilian Rainforest. Set your intention  For example; for grounding, to energise, to sleep and dream well, to clear unwanted thoughts and energies, to focus, to feel centered etc 




Yawanawa  ~ Força Feminina

Yawanawa ~ Yawa Sabia

Yawanawa ~ Peu Type 1

Yawanawa ~ Peu Type 2

Huni Kuin ~ Tsunu   
Huni Kuin ~ 7 Herbs

Huni Kuin ~ Murici   

Huni Kuin ~ Uricuri


If you are looking for the one for you, I now offer a selection pack containing 10g pots of a selection of all 10 for £90 or a choice of 5 for £50.  The favourites really vary from person to person.  



The Yawanawa tribe live along the Gregoria river in the Amazons of Acre, Brazil. They say it gives them protections, enables them to work with their prayers. 


YAWANAWA ~ Força Feminina

This is a fresh, clear, sparkly, sharp and with a bit of an earthy aroma  both strong and refined, full of beauty. 

Re-aligning the body and spirit and connecting you to Spirit. Harmonious and purifying. 

This is made by Putany, the sister of Hushahu, who is one of the main female spiritual leaders of the Yawanawa tribe and so this really carries the feminine force with it. Like the Yawanawa tradition teaches is made by the traditional recipe of native and Tsunu ashes. Tsunu ashes give a lot of strength and are very opening and clarifying.


YAWANAWA ~ Yawa Sabia
A very strong and beautiful Rapé full of the force of the forest, and containing the famous Sabia tobacco, as well as the traditional Yawanawa recipe of native Tobacco and Tsunu ashes. This Rapé is very pure, and good for deeply grounding the body, and relaxing the muscles and tissues. The strength comes from the Tsunu ashes, which help to open and clarify the body too. It is made by the son of Hushahu, Yawa Rume (Rume means Rapé). Yawa Rume has devoted his life to the study of rapé, and carries this force deep in his being.


YAWANAWA ~ Peu Type 1
This Rapé is light and fresh, very uplifting and 'clean' in flavour. It is very good for bringing more energy to you and lifting you up out of lower vibrations. It is a more gentle Rapé, and made by Peu Yawanawa, one of the most devoted spiritual leaders of the younger generation of Yawanawa. It is the trasitional Yawanawá Rapé made with Corda Tabaco and Tsunu ashes, in a well balanced  blend of ashes and tobacco.


YAWANAWA ~ Peu Type 2

This Rapé is similar to the Peu Type 1 but is a stronger Rapé, and has an immediate 'kick' upon receiving. Good if you're searching for a strong Rapé which is also light and fresh, and very uplifting and 'clean' in flavour. It is very good for bringing more energy to you and lifting you up out of lower vibrations. It is made by Peu Yawanawa, one of the most devoted spiritual leaders of the younger generation of Yawanawa. It is the trasitional Yawanawá Rapé made with Corda Tabaco and Tsunu ashes, in a well balanced blend of ashes and tobacco.



Huni Kuin are an indigenous people of Brazil and Peru. They are located along the Purus and Curanja Rivers in Peru and the Tarauacá, Jordão, Breu, Muru, Envira, Humaitã, and Purus Rivers.

In the Peruvian Amazon rainforest, some Huni Kuin live on the Alto Purús Indigenous Territory with the Kulina people. They are also known as the Kaxinawa Cashinauá, Caxinauá, or Kashinawa people. This name come from kashi or “bat” and nawa meaning “outsiders” or “foreigners”. Their autonym is Huni Kuin or “real men” or “true people”, from huni, “man”, and kuin meaning “real” or “true”.

The language of the Huni Kuin belongs to the Pano linguistic family, which they call hatxa-Kuin (true language). The population is approximately 4,000 people, and they account for a percentage of 42% of the indigenous population of Acre state in Western Brazil.


HUNI KUIN ~ Tsunu 

Tsunu brings strong earthy vibrations for deep grounding and vitality. Tsunu is known for its powerful effects – clarity, grounding, focusing; which makes it perfect for restoration of the body, mind and spirit. Made with Tsunu Tree Ash.  This is a very powerful blend made with love and joy by Huni Kuin master makers. They use it prepare and “open” the energy field before ceremony. It is used during the ceremonies to promote healing and cleansing.


HUNI KUIN ~ 7 Herbs

The 7 Herbs Rapé uses a special blend of plants which bring powerful healing and cleansing properties to this Rapé. It is made from cacao, murici, sanu, ground tobacco and a blend of three herbs called ninssural. The smell is deep, fragrant and minty, and this Rapé is particularly good for headaches, physical healing and removing spiritual blockages. It is made by Kupi Huni Kuin from the village of Pinuya, a revered spiritual leader and carrier of their teachings, and ancient songs.



HUNI KUIN ~ Murici

The Murici tree is a common tree in the forest and produces a fruit much appreciated by forest animals.
According to the Huni Kuin, Murici helps to fight fatigue and keeps ones spiritually active, its action is associated with the joy of celebrating with friends. Murici is a classic of the Huni Kuin or Kaxinawa tradition. A nice and simple one, great for general use. Murici ash (Byrsonima crassifolia) and other sacred medicinal plants of the Amazon. Murici is a tree of ancient use that is added as an effective to cleanse the energy that accumulates in the lower abdomen.


HUNI KUIN ~ Uricuri

Ashes of the Uricuri palm. It is made by a member of the Hunikuin tribe which learned the art of making this from their father and grandfather. The Uricuri palm is found only in Acre and used to make spears and arrows for hunting. The indigenous name is Tashka and is understood by most tribes in that region, and means spear. 


All Types;

Are considered by the indigenous peoples to be therapeutic on multiple levels. They help to re-align and open your nadis (energy channels), strengthen your grounding and connection with Mother Earth,  emotional, mental and spiritual levels, quiet the noise of the mind and elevate your sense of connection with Spirit.


I'm very happy that this shop is supporting the indigenous communities. As they continue to say to me 'We are together, we support one another'


For external use only 

20g & 40g Refill Bags ~ All types Rapeh, Hapé, Rapé

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